Welcome to Confident Voices in Healthcare Blog

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to Confident Voices in Healthcare Blog!

As you may know, medical errors,  communication, and workplace violence are complex and interrelated phenomenon that impact patient safety, quality of care and career satisfaction.  Over the last four years, my eNewsletter, “Confident Voices for Nurses:  The Resource for Creating Positive (and Safe) Workplaces”,  published many articles about these topics.

BB closer Headshot 1-13 CherationsNow, I am excited to invite more interaction, a broader audience, and greater visibility online by bringing related content into the blog world.

Nurses and patient advocates have enormous potential to change healthcare for the better. This potential power to create safer, kinder, more cost-effective care as well as positive workplaces for healthcare professionals will become real power through open, respectful dialogues and deeper understanding.

Patients and families have a right to expect high standards of care and healthcare professionals have a right to work in conditions where practicing high standards of care is supported.

Fragments of this vision include:

  • Nurses and colleagues have enough time, staff, & supplies to provide care according to up-to-date policies and protocols.
  • Effective and respectful communication is the norm with all stakeholders.
  • Technology supports the work we do.
  • Patient advocates are as active members of the team as they are able to be.
  • The priority of financial incentive is to provide best care to all and profit-making is secondary.
  • Front-line caregivers are empowered to solve problems.
  • Patient advocates, nurses and colleagues are curious about the complexity of providing care to all patients.

Communication failure is a root cause factor in many if not all issues in patient safety, customer satisfaction, quality of care and workplace violence.  On the surface it seems like it should be easy too fix, but it isn’t.  Learn more in my 6 min YouTube:  “Why is Communication So Hard for Healthcare Professionals?” Why Is Communication So Hard for Healthcare Professionals?

Please join me for a half hour interview hosted by Viki Kind MA, author of The Caregiver’s Path to Compassionate Decision Making on 2/23 at 12 noon EST


More to come!



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6 Responses to Welcome to Confident Voices in Healthcare Blog

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  3. Job Vein says:

    Hi Beth,

    Safety and high standards of care in healthcare are absolutely essential. Whereas in other working sectors the mistakes and inadvertent omissions may be assessed in dollar values and be somehow replaced or accounted for, in healthcare what we are dealing with are lives and health that are irreplaceable. The sharing of your vision of higher healthcare standards, both for the benefits of patients and workers in this field, are bound to go a long way in addressing many a shortcomings and help to uplift healthcare to a new level. Your blog is a valuable source to professionals and beginners in this field. Keep up the good work. Good luck to you and thanks.


    • Beth Boynton says:

      Thank you so much, Sandy. Your feedback is inspiring! Hope to hear more from you along the way.

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