What are Nurse Entreprenuers Doing? RN Movers & Shakers Changing the Face of Healthcare!!

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There are over 3 million RNs in the United States and over 12 million worldwide!  This is the biggest, by far, workforce in our healthcare system and represents an extremely powerful potential for improving our healthcare system.  As a Nurse Consultant specializing in communication & organizational culture issues in healthcare, I am especially excited by a growing capacity for collaboration that I am seeing among progressive nurse leaders.

I want to introduce a few of them here, invite others to share their bios, business info, and links in a comment, and announce the upcoming summit of National Nurses in Business Association!


Pat Iyer, Legal Nurse Consultant and President of Avoid Medical Errors!  

Avoid Medical Errors was born from the experience of their president, Patricia Iyer RN MSN LNCC, in her work with medical malpractice attorneys. Over the past 24 years she has seen thousands of people injured by the healthcare system, and she wants to share information to help healthcare consumers become good patient advocates for themselves and loved ones. Patricia is an authority on the topic of nursing and medical malpractice. She has coauthored or edited more than 25 medical legal texts. As a speaker and author, she has shared her expert knowledge with audiences of nurses, attorneys, paralegals and physicians.

Keith Carlson and Kevin Ross, Co-hosts of RN.FM Radio

Their mission is to shake up the nursing profession and blow the roof off of the idea of a nurse as just a humble bedside servant. We’re here to prove that you can be a nurse, be ultra-savvy and innovative, make a huge difference in patients’ and other healthcare providers’ lives, and improve your own life and experience of the profession of nursing, all at the same time.
They want to support bedside nurses in re-engaging their creativity and innovation to generate solutions to today’s complex healthcare challenges, thereby improving patient and healthcare provider experience, while also elevating their own status, well-being and income as business owners and entrepreneurs.

Pat Bemis, President of the National Nurses in Business Association

Patricia Ann Bemis, RN CEN LHCRM, is the president of the National Nurses in Business Association. She has held the position since 1999. She received the Great 100 Nurses award presented by the Florida Nurses Association in 2009 in the entrepreneur category.

“During my years as a clinical emergency nurse, I found that the traditional way of studying by the body system was not an effective way for me to continue my education in emergency nursing and become certified. I searched for a better way and developed my own complaint-based emergency nursing process. I wrote a book covering the process for each individual complaint seen in the emergency department. The process and step-by-step method focused my knowledge and greatly improved my skills. I was determined to publish the book and share my knowledge with other nurses.

During my search for information on how to publish, print, distribute, and sell the book, someone referred me to the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA), a professional association providing continuing education and support for nurses in business. The president Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio provided me with the information I needed to self-publish the book and reap the rewards of my work.”

Brittney Wilson, The Nerdy Nurse Blogger and Technology Expert

Brittney calls herself a “Patient, Nurse, and Technology Advocate.” Those are the things she is most eager about protecting, promoting, and blogging about. But don’t be surprised if you find her ranting or raving about other topics. There was a time in the not-t0-distant past that her blog was described as “the rants and raves of a mother, wife, and nerdy nurse.” She also warns you that the contents of her blog will likely be filled with references to her incredible son and husband. “I’ve got a fantastic family, and every now and then I just gotta tell people about them”.

Annette Tersigni: aka Yoga Nurse

Annette’s mission is to create a global army of modern nightingales, yoga nurses, to uplift and expand consciousness in health care; relieve stress, anxiety pain and suffering and improve quality of life for nurses and their patients worldwide.  She is also the author of #1 Best Seller, “The Richest Woman In Babylon And Manhattan: With Seven Timeless Remedies to Cure a Lean Purse ” which weaves charming parables with practical financial prowess + enlightened spiritual jewels.

Inviting Nurse Entrepreneurs 

If you are a Nurse Entrepreneur please share your work and a couple of links here. We know, as nurses, that collaboration has not always been easy or welcome.  Times are changing and the wave of collaboration in nursing is growing big time. In fact, lots of my own work focuses on preventing and eliminating bullying and building respectful work cultures.

Announcing 27th NNBA Summit

Check out the agenda for the upcoming National Nurses in Business Association Summit in Orlando this August.  All sorts of Nurse Entrepreneurs will share their expertise and the networking energy will be amazing!  I’ll be presenting a workshop called, Improving Business Communication Skills: Constructive Criticism one day and then later offering an experiencial adventure about “Interruption Awareness”  (The youtube is really good, but doing this fun, revealing and very educational activity in person is way better!)


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  • http://HCSuccess.com Joy Miller

    I am so glad i have connected with this group! What amazing nurses and business people to share and learn with. I have been a nurse for over 20 years with clinical experience in ICU/CVICU, ER, M/S and Inpatient Rehabilitation. I recently QUIT my job as a corporate Vice President of Operations and started Healthcare Success Solutions with my husband, who is a healthcare executive and PT by background. WE ARE PASSIONATE about helping people reach their PEAK POTENTIAL. Here is a link to a complimentary Webinar I am presenting next week on common mistakes nurse leaders make and how to avoid them. Thanks for the opportunity to post and share!

    • Beth Boynton

      Thanks for posting. Webinar looks very interesting. I signed up although not sure I can make the live show. Your story sounds really interesting, Joy. Are you going to the conference? Hope to meet you at the conference. Beth

  • Jackie Renaud

    I’ve been a self-employed nurse for 18 years. Right now, I am starting two new companies, one of which teaches nurses how I broke into non-traditional nursing roles, from medical aesthetics to publishing to training and development. (Websites still in progress.) If I can do it, anyone can — including YOU!

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me at jmr481281785@gmail.com for advice.


    • Beth Boynton

      Awesome, Jackie! Thanks for posting. Please email me when your websites are live! Sounds like some exciting stuff you are and have been working on!


  • http://www.colorsafeivlines.com Mark Salinas

    My mom and aunt are the inventors of ColorSafe IV Lines. They’ve spent the last two years going to nursing trade shows and promoting their invention. Every nurse that sees their IV lines LOVE IT! The ColorSafe IV Lines WILL save lives, reduce errors, and cut hospital costs as well as potential litigation. They’ve had many roadblocks such as the FDA and the major pump manufacturers. We know that the nurses that work with IV lines every day want this but the pump manufacturers have been reluctant to make a change.
    Here area few recent stories about the ColorSafe IV Lines and about my mom and aunt, who are both full time RNs.

    • Beth Boynton

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for sharing the story about your mom and aunt creating the ColorSafe IV lines! Congratulations to Sisters Terri Barton-Salinas, RN, left, and Gail Barton-Hay, RN! Another great idea for improving healthcare from nurses! The Nurse.com article you link to is great. I’d love to hear more about the process of getting your patent and please keep in touch about how it all unfolds.


  • http://www.nnba.net Pat Bemis

    If you register for the NNBA 27th Annual Conference/Summit before July 17, 2012, you name will be entered into a drawing for a $1000 online course from the University of Florida. Five winners will have their choice of the Health Care Risk Management or Forensic Science for Nurses online course. Yes, I wrote five. Don’t miss out on this opportunity by registering late. The drawing will be held at the conference.

    • Beth Boynton

      Awesome, Pat! Thanks for posting the ‘Early-bird Special!’. See you in August!! Beth