What are We Losing w/ Erosion of Privacy? 2 Min ACLU Sci-Fi Pizza Story Will Make You Wonder!

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Privacy and respect seem to go hand in hand.  For ourselves and each other. 

Check out this two minute video for a funny, yet creepy look into what’s happening with our privacy!

Ordering a Pizza in 2015!

I laughed out loud watching it,  because the woman at the pizza place is SO OBNOXIOUS!  The concept is SO OBNOXIOUS!  Yet the caller ends up ordering a healthier pizza which one could argue is a good thing.

No, in my opinion privacy is important and shaming people into healthier choices is an unhealthy process!  Education, elimination of poverty, universal healthcare are tougher paths, but ones with lots more integrity!

Kudos to ACLU for bringing home this important point in such a clear, quick, creative, and therefore powerful way!

What do you think?

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2 Responses to What are We Losing w/ Erosion of Privacy? 2 Min ACLU Sci-Fi Pizza Story Will Make You Wonder!

  1. Hi Beth,

    Hhhhmmmm….that definitely makes one stop and think. This is loaded with so many layers of controversial issues….worth watching…and pondering. Here’s to hoping that collectively we can arrive at better choices and decisions without being shamed and without having every minute personal detail exposed…but I also realize I may be idealistic…

    Hope you’re well.


    • Beth Boynton says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I’m pretty idealistic too. For myself, I try to balance seeing a half full glass as half full….but being cautious not to see it as 3/4 full! That’s when I get into trouble!! 🙂
      Have an awesome day,

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