Oncology Nurses: Expertise, Compassionate Care, & Healthcare Team Integration for Optimal Cancer Treatment

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Melanie Bowen, Healthcare Awareness Advocate

Caring for the chronically ill is difficult for any type of family. Thus, nursing is recommended to assist in the care of patients with cancer and their loved ones. Chemotherapy and radiation can be draining and difficult to handle. Families need help to cope with these issues and a nurse trained in oncology can help. A private nurse for a cancer patient may be expensive yet the expertise and support crucial for patients seeking sustainable health.

What is the Role of an Oncology Nurse?
An oncology nurse can administer medications, IVs and ensure a patient is comfortable during treatment.  The role of educator, administrator, researcher, consultant and direct caregiver are associated with an oncology nurse. Oncology nurses are present in healthcare delivery settings to provide comfort and care to patients receiving preventative care.

Oncology nurses are also trained to collaborate with physicians to provide care to patients in an effective manner.  This may involve sharing information found at the point of care or researching and investigating various findings in cancer care or nursing.  As a consultant, oncology nurses can provide oncology information to health professionals, colleagues and healthcare consumers to help facilitate the treatment process.

As a direct caregiver, oncology nurses provide guidance to patient. Nurses ensure that patients receive the care they need given their condition.  Consider how nurses can help to improve a patient’s life by communicating with families to deliver quality patient care. Other supporters can also benefit from the knowledge that oncology nurses have acquired through the years.

Types of Oncology Addressed by Nurses
Oncology nurses can focus on numerous types of therapy to treat cancer. Here are some options for people considering becoming an oncologist:

  • Chemotherapy or Biotherapy
  • Radiation or Surgical Oncology
  • Breast Oncology
  • Hematology Oncology
  • Gynecology
  • Palliative care
  • Bone Marrow Transplants
  • 8. Genetic Counseling.

These are just a few areas in which nurses can offer expertise, compassion, and integration of services. There are countless others. Supporters and patients should be considering the type of cancer a patient has prior to selecting a nurse. This process will ensure the patient receives the best care possible. Before nurses care for the patient, he or she will be complete the necessary training to ensure that the patient receives the best care available.

Oncology Nurses Can Provide the Care Patients Need for Cancer Recovery
Oncology nurses are instrumental in recovery. They help patients understand the progression of their disease and help them make decisions about their care that they cannot make alone. Nurses can be a part of the support structure for the patient and teach coping skills necessary for survival.  Expressing concerns and asking questions about treatments and symptoms with a trusted resource

Oncology nurses and their wealth of information can help patients on their road to recovery whether one may be battling breast, colon, mesothelioma cancer or leukemia. Every patient should consider the possibility of obtaining an oncology nurse to make life with cancer easier.  Never give up the fight and keep battling to a successful road of recovery.

Finding an Oncology Nurse

Talking with your healthcare team and trusted friends is a great way to begin searching for an oncology nurse with the expertise you are looking for.  This link to the US Oncology Network may also help you to locate experts in your area.




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