Distance Reiki & “No Fret Cooking”- What Do These Unique Gifts Have in Common?

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The  answer is Marilynn Carter, RPMT!

Whenever my 91 y.o. mother, (who lives 1500 miles south of where I do) has a healthcare or personal crisis, I ask my  dear friend and colleague, Marilynn Carter to send her some Reiki!  It seems to help my mother AND me!  If you have a loved one who lives far a way, you may want to explore this option for the holidays or during a challenging situation.  I asked Marilynn to share what the process involves.


As an energy medicine practitioner with a wholistic health practice,  I am often asked to do distance sessions for clients, friends, and their family members.

Though the concept of remote healing may be difficult for some to understand, it is possible for a trained practitioner to connect to someone at another location through time and space for the purpose of sending healing.  For anyone not familiar with the ancient healing practice known as Reiki, one is able to send a transmission of healing energy which is combined with the intention of positive, loving thoughts transmitted from practitioner to a recipient in another town, state or even country for that person’s highest good.

Intellectually the concept of sending healing to someone by distance through time and space to other states or parts of the world may seem questionable to some more familiar with western medical practices.  An easier way to understand how distance healing can be transferred is to think about our everyday experiences of vibrations from radio waves, television signals and satellite dishes that are invisible to the human eye but transfer energy over long distances. Richard Gerber, MD, in his book, Vibrational Medicine, describes “life energy” as a subtle energy that is “faster than light energy”.   An energy healer doing distance healing is able to sense the energy field of a person and positively affect the person’s energy field through this same kind of “sensing” just as effectively as if the recipient were present.

Many benefits are possible including;

  • Helps balance and calm the body
  • Reduces stress and anxiety Helps with pain management
  • Accelerates healing process after surgery or accident
  • Helps heal emotional and behavior issues
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps relieve stressful family situations
  • Eases transition of loved ones in the passing on process as well as helping family members with their grief

You can receive a session in the safety of your own home, in a hospital, at a long term care facility, even vacationing on a cruise ship.  Energy sent is a gift of peace, harmony, balance, wellness and always for one’s highest good.  Also, one does not need to be ill or in trouble to experience positive effects as the energy works positively on the body, mind and spirit.

Additionally, one does not need to believe in the process to receive healing energy but only to be open to receive the healing energy.

A typical distance session will last 20 to 25 minutes. Client will find a comfortable place in their home either lying down on a bed, a couch or may want to sit or recline in a comfortable chair, whichever is more comfortable.  The best position is one where you are able to fully relax so you are able to release any tension in your hands, arms, feet and just be open to receive healing energy for your highest good.

During a session you may feel heat, coolness, a gentle breeze, your stomach might gurgle,  you might drift in and out of light sleep or even fall asleep, and on occasion one may laugh or cry as emotions are gently released.  Also you might experience your fingers or legs involuntarily move, feeling some movement of energy in your body that may have been stuck or blocked is now freed up.  Sometimes one might not notice anything at all and you may wonder if anything happened but be assured the energy was doing its work on a very deep level, as each person receives exactly what they need at the time a session is sent.  After the initial session, the recipient’s energy system will remember it’s prior connection for future sessions and accepts future energy on a deeper level as energy moves into the cellular memory of the body for continued work on its own.

For continued health and harmony of your energy system, you may want to schedule a monthly or seasonal maintenance session to help the body to stay in balance despite the stresses of normal everyday life.

For your convenience a single session, or a series of sessions can be scheduled during the day, early evening or on weekends.

So what’s “No Fret Cooking” all about?

Marilynn and her husband/ jazz musician Steve Carter have published a unique cook book that includes original music to cook and dine by!  They’ve published the 2nd Edition on MAAT Publishing which they developed to help authors navigate the often confusing world of self-publishing!

If you had only one cookbook, this is it! Together food and music are paired that take you on a culinary adventure to nurture, tantalize, and stimulate your body, mind, and spirit as you prepare and enjoy your food.

The focus is on fresh, local, organic ingredients without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Alternative ingredients used to create gluten-free, dairy-free, raw, vegetarian recipes, that even children love.

Here’s a complimentary recipe for Pepper Poppers!  A great Potluck!  And don’t forget to scroll down to listen to Steve’s music also called, Pepper Poppers!  (Listen all the way through to hear what cooking Pepper Poppers sounds like!)

No Fret is a cookbook for everyone, and no fret, there is room for your own creativity and personalization!

For more info about Distance Reiki or “No Fret” , contact:
Marilynn Carter, Wholistic Health Practitioner, Energy Medicine Practitioner
www.reikiwithmomcarter.com or www.manypathsforhealth.com or www.nofretcooking.com

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Marilynn is a gem, with tremendous gifts! Thanks for sharing!

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