“Safer Hospital Care: Strategies for Continuous Innovation”-A Very Illuminating & Helpful Book

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Safer Hospital Care:  Strategies for Continuous Innovation

by Dev RahejaDev Raheja

CRC Press, 2011

In “Safer Hospital Care”, author, professor, and consultant, Dev Raheja teaches healthcare leaders from all disciplines what we need to do to make hospitals SAFE!

What impresses me most about this book is the author’s expansive knowledge in engineering AND human factors which lead to mistakes.  Recommendations that he makes arise from this comprehensive foundation.  I am convinced that our efforts to problem solve will be vastly more successful with insights from this book.

Some of the topics that I found fascinating:

  • So Why do We Unknowingly Sustain Unsafe Work?

  • Be Lean, Not Mean

  • Do it Right the First Time

  • Provide a Fail-safe System

  • Principals of Human Factors Engineering

  • Potential Dangers in New Devices and Technologies

I highly recommend this book for nurses in direct care and leadership positions.  I promise you will understand errors at a deeper level and offer more valuable insights to your team with any organizational efforts to improve safety. His respect for the work we do is refreshing and validating.  Also check out his website where the inspiring message, “Go After the Systems Not the Peopleis a true sign of respect!

I also think patient advocate leaders will gain a depth of understanding of healthcare systems and problems that will enhance their credibility and dialogue with partnering healthcare professionals.

If you’d like a taste of Raheja’s writing check out his article  published in “Confident Voices in Healthcare” March 2012;  Protecting Nurses from Unnecessary Blame Should be the Role of Engaged Hospitals. 

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