Corny Perhaps, But a Wonderful Sign that the Power of Human Goodness is Alive & Thriving

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What is so magical about hundreds of adults getting dressed up and going to a “Sound of Music” Sing-Along?  I don’t know but I can’t wait to go to one!     singalonga-audience

And maybe not so corny when you think about the storyline.  A family of creative singers who have overcome various personal adversities and then having to face the cruelest and most destructive forms of human behavior arising out of nazi Germany.  (I refuse to capitalize it as some little effort to diminish it’s power).

portland-press-herald_3715517But in this room full of diverse people singing together, there is HOPE!  HOPE for healthcare, HOPE for our species, HOPE for our planet!

Try watching.  See if you FEEL It!

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