Online Payroll Support for Nurse Entrepreneurs and Fast Growing Businesses

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In my own business as a Nurse Consultant, I am getting busier and busier.  At some point soon, I’ll have the exciting problem of hiring or outsourcing some of this work.  Intuit Payroll looks like an appealing resource with their 30 day FREE TRIAL  online payroll services.  You’ll find lots of resources for new and established businesses at their website.  They have a variety of levels of service to choose from and include options for state and federal taxes, contractors, (right down my alley), W-2s and Direct Deposit!  They even cover paying Nannys!  Any Nurse Nannys out there?

The sky is the limit for innovative nurses with the compassion and skills needed to transform healthcare into safe, cost-effective, health-focused care along with support for rewarding careers!  Growing a business also involves all the administrative tasks such as hiring employees, managing payroll, and making decisions about benefits.

Nurse Entrepreneurs are reshaping healthcare with all sorts of businesses: Conversation

Rock on nurses!

  • Professional Coaching
  • Broadcasting
  • Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Life Planning
  • Writing
  • Health Education
  • Forensic Nursing


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