Understanding & Stopping Nurse Bullying: A Book that Makes a Difference

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Do No Harm Coverweb-200x300“Do No Harm” Applies to Nurses Too!   by Renee Thompson, RN, MSN, CMSRN is a much needed resource for bully-proofing individuals and workplaces!  The author sets the stage with a look at the damage that bullying causes to individuals, organizations and families and then brings to light covert and overt bullying behaviors.  In chapter two, she translates general bullying behaviors into specifies and common behaviors in nursing that we can all relate too such as; “Getting teased or repeatedly reminded of your mistakes”,  “Having a nurse withhold information from you or another nurse, causing a negative effect on performance”.  There are many more real life examples that engage the reader in a powerful reality-check.  Some may see their own reflection.  Some will may finally have a sense of validation for being mistreated.  This is a vital part of the book as prepares readers to recognize and stop bullying!

From here, Nurse Thompson takes us on a journey to identify bullies, how they pick their targets, and in chapterrenee thompson 4 offers THREE realistic, clear, and very helpful Bully-proof strategies for individuals.  They are explained using examples that are familiar in nursing and in a way that helps bridge theory to practice!  Any nurse who feels like s/he is being targeted will gain some important take-home tools here!

Subsequent chapters focus on understanding, stopping, and coping with bullying behavior, the Unit Manager’s role,  and a heartfelt one on recognizing and working on these behaviors in one’s self!  The book is filled with inspiring quotes, resources, and compelling visions of alternative ways of being in a special feature box called, “What if…”!  I think it is a great book and will truly be helpful nurses and organizations.   It is important work in terms of nurse morale, patient safety and ultimately, patient experience.

“Do No Harm” Applies to Nurses Too! can be purchased at a very reasonable price of $15 and the author is available for training!



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