How to Ensure Your Healthiest Self: 3 Sure-Fire Tips to Living Well for Nurses

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Elizabeth Scalaby Elizabeth Scala

Being a Nurse Coach, I pride myself in NOT telling nurses, clients, people in general what to do or not do with their lives. My number one belief is that our health is within and we all have inner wisdom and knowledge- that if we just slow down once in awhile and listen closely enough to- we can heal and help ourselves. That being said there are several things that absolutely WILL lead you to a healthier self- to your best self!

These 3 tips I am about to share with you just so happen to coincide with the biannual event I have created for healthcare professionals called the RejuveNation Collaboration. Maybe that is why this is my most successful and highly attended program that I offer- more to come on how enjoyment absolutely impacts health below.

Ok, so enough ‘background’- let’s get to the tips, man! Here you are… the 3 tips to absolutely ensuring you are your healthiest- and yes, Beth- your safest self:

• Open up to and embrace the concept of ‘balance’. Many people, especially nurses, freak out when they hear the word ‘balance’. The term makes them anxious, stressed, and upset. Instead of shutting down over healthy balance- welcome it into your overall experience. There are many, many aspects that go into our well-being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, relational, etc. We don’t live in a vacuum so there is no reason our health should be approached that way. If you are exercising at an intense, strenuous pace six days a week but leaving the gym to eat processed, drive-thru foods- is that healthy? The RejuveNation Collaboration has been specially crafted to provide you with a balanced array of health and wellness material. Each unique speaker is hand-picked from a sea of thousands to ensure that you enjoy and identify with at least one (if not many more) of the interactive and experiential workshops!
• It’s ok to ask for help. Support is good for you- even necessary- and your overall health. Yes, I am a proponent (as I shared above in my introductory paragraph) that we all have the answers and wisdom inside of us. But so too do we need other people to be guides, mentors, teachers, and experts along our wellness journey. Health is a process. It is not a stagnant concept that is ‘accomplished’ and then forgotten. Along your journey open up to new ideas, fresh perspectives, and the individual strengths and talents that others have to offer. The RejuveNation is a fantastic place to receive support. You will be surrounded by like-minded healthcare professionals who are interested in, passionate for, and dedicated to healthy lifestyles. Instead of gossiping and complaining with your coworkers about your boss, the patients, or the staff members we all seem to find disagreeable- why not join us for an hour a day of uplifting, encouraging, and upbeat conversations!? And you can make lasting relationships- frisunriseendships even, as I have- through our RejuveNation Collaboration networking groups. We all want the best for each other- we learn from, support, and help each other grow!
• Put a smile on your face and inside of every cell of your body! If you don’t like it- you won’t do it. Health has to be fun. Picture this- I said I would start running. I dislike running and my feet ache when I jog. Every morning I find something else ‘to do’. I say to myself, “I just don’t have time to run… I’ll start next week.” Well guess what- if I don’t like it- I ain’t ever getting to it! Find the healthy things you enjoy. Do what lights you up. Energize yourself with your passions, desires, and smile-friendly activities. The RejuveNation Collaboration is SO MUCH FUN! I have a good time in every single workshop. I smile all of the time. I’ve heard from past participants how they have enjoyed the series’ and look excitedly forward to the next one. We move, we breathe, we eat, we stretch, we laugh, and we even dance. Come join us and have a good time for yourself!!

If you’re looking for health be sure to live a balanced life, full of support. Do what puts a grin on your face and inside of your heart. When you’re healthy- you’re safe. So as always- have a healthy day! Check out this awesome list of presenters for online wellness and FREE Contact Hours coming in April 2013!

For more information on the RejuveNation Collaboration please visit 

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2 Responses to How to Ensure Your Healthiest Self: 3 Sure-Fire Tips to Living Well for Nurses

  1. Hi Beth,
    Thanks for having me post to your blog! Writing is something I absolutely enjoy so it is an honor to be able to share it with your readers. As far as your eating, you took me to that wonderful little lunch place in Portsmouth… As far as I’m concerned that was healthy and delicious!

    The radio show was a blast. High energy, lots of fun, nurses smiling and enjoying themselves. I loved it. You can listen to the replay using this link:

    I appreciate all of your support and I hope you will be one of the nurses listening in to some of the RCIII webinars! Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for your inspiring post. I LOVE the concept of finding something FUN that is health for us. For me, zumba, (low impact), swimming, or walking on a nice day are all things I enjoy. I could probably do a little better with food choices, but overall I do ok.

    How did your interview go on RN.FM radio the other night? If there is a link to the recorded version please post it here. I think readers might enjoy some of the interviews from guests in your upcoming program.

    Take care,

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