“Escape Fire” for Understanding Healthcare USA & “Water-Seekers” for Solutions!

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120px-Northwest_Crown_Fire_ExperimentEscape Fire is a super movie for explaining the complex problems we face in healthcare in the USA.  Medical errors, spiraling costs, socioeconomic factors,  un or under-insured, frustrated caregivers, wasted resources, etc.

Thanks to all the “Water-Seekers” who came to my pilot workshops!  Improv for Healthcare Professionals is launched!  A testimonial webpage will be coming soon!  Verbal feedback has been extremely positive along with some constructive ideas.

It is a joyful feeling to work together.

Validation of others is so vital and I can feel that now. 

I could listen to my partner without thinking about anything else.

I felt safe to participate.

It was fun and I would have liked more time.  I wanted to do more activities and less debriefing. 

We discussed skills, behaviors, and capacities needed to develop communication, collaboration, and emotional intelligence and how these are connected to safe, quality care and rewarding careers.  I shared principles of “Improv” tweaked a bit for healthcare professionals and inbetween we played games to demonstrate the principles and develop the skills, behaviors, and capacities.  “The Girft”, “Mr. Know-it-All”, “Syncronized Story” are all fun to play and rich with facilitated learning opportunities!

The principles of Improv for HC professionals:

  1. 800px-Drops_ImapctListen and be present.

  2. Don’t negate.  Affirm and add.

  3. Surrender your plan and co-create.

  4. Reframe ‘failure’ as an opportunity for learning.
  5. Have FUN!

Some of the skills, behaviors, and capacities we developed:

Self-awareness          Empathy          Compassion

Trust          Happier caregivers          Suspending judgement

Flexibility          Not assuming          Discernment

Listening          Truth          Sharing          Speaking up

Do you think that making healthcare safer, kinder and more cost-effective will help us to provide higher quality care to more people…..or wonder if working in healthcare could be/should be more joyful and less stressfull….or believe your team or organization would function better with increased trust, flexibility, self awareness, and other behaviors, skills, and capacities associated with communication, collaboration, and emotional intelligence?  If so, let’s talk about bringing Improv for Healthcare Professionals interactive workshops to your organization!  beth@bethboynton.com  603-205-3509!

A BIG HUGE THANKS to all who came and my friends, Nancy and Richard Schmid for donating workshop space at the beautiful Josias River Farm in Cape Neddick, ME. 


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2 Responses to “Escape Fire” for Understanding Healthcare USA & “Water-Seekers” for Solutions!

  1. Beth,
    Wahoo for you!!!! This is freaking awesome. Thank you for sharing the feedback with us. It is great to hear how others enjoyed the course.

    What I loved most about this post was your sharing of the steps of Improv!

    Being present, affirmative speech, letting go of ego, learning from each experience, and having FUN! Those ARE the components I teach, speak to, and live by! I love these 5 steps. This is what it takes to live a life of health and total well-being. I love it!!!!

    Thank you for sharing this with us. You ROCK!

    • Thanks so much, Elizabeth! I’m excited about the potential even though I’m not totally clear about it. This stuff of life and connectedness we are getting at seems so vital. I’m looking forward to hearing about your next steps and the survey you are developing to find out more about what nurses find compelling in considering their own health. You are an amazing roll model! Take care

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