“Medical Improv” Keep Your Eyes On Positive Wave Holding Huge Promise for Healthcare Woes & Thank You Professor Watson @ Feinberg School of Medicine

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Can you imagine a 4 day train the trainer workshop where leading experts from theatre, healthcare, and business converge in fun activities, co-creative dialogues, and practice teaching sessions with medical students?Rock On Medical Improv!

Can you imagine being engaged for every single minute of the 4 days and with emergent conversations continuing well into the evening?

Can you imagine MDs, NDs, RNs, Attorneys, MSWs, Theatre Specialists, Standardized Patients (SPs), Improvisors and Business Professionals interested in using improvisational techniques to improve communication, collaboration, and patient experience like:

  • Empathy?
  • Listening?
  • Assertiveness?
  • Flexibility?
  • Trust?
  • Perspective-taking?

Can you imagine the value of activities that inspire reflection, dialogue, and behavior change involving:

  • Status and Personal Worth?
  • Role of arts and humanities in medicine?
  • Creativity?
  • Disclosure following sentinel events?
  • Principals of Improv?

It is hard to believe, yet all of this and more took place 6/2/2013-6/5/2013 in the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University!  Professor Katie Watson, JD took the curriculum she developed for teaching medical students to a new level and taught the first ever Train-the-Trainer conference.   We also have Belinda Fu, MD to thank.  A Clinical Instructor for the University of Washington Department of Family Medicine/Valley Family Medicine Residency and Improvisor with Unexpected Productions learned about Professor Watson’s work, called her, and offered to help build the conference.  Leadership at Feinberg School of Medicine gave the green light!  And the class filled up quickly with experts from Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science-SUNY Stoneybrook, Standardized Patient Program @ Duke University, ICAHN School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, The Second City, NH Nurse Entrepreneurs 🙂 and many more!

Voila!  The Improv principle of ‘Saying Yes’ manifested before our very eyes!  AND there is lots more to come on this topic….I don’t want to speak for others, yet am convinced we share a powerful vision and mission that includes “Medical Improv” in building safe workplace cultures, optimal patient experience, rewarding careers, and endless co-creative opportunities and problem-solving in every single area of healthcare!

One of my wonderful experiences (among MANY) involved co-teaching a mini workshop on “Status” with Ninad Athale, MD a family physician and volunteer faculty at UC Davis School of Medicine.  There is lots more to share about this conference!  Stay tuned….

This work is a natural synergy for my own “Improv for Healthcare Professionals” and I am psyched for developing a full day workshop with Stephanie Frederick, RN, MEd.  I’m already incorporating learnings into a full day workshop for nursing instructors at Intercoast Colleges where I’m using Medical Improv Learning Experiences (MILEs) for discussion and and activities  re: professionalism.  Stay tuned….

Even the definition of “Medical Improv” is evolving. Stay tuned…

Can’t wait?  Want a better idea of what “Medical Improv” looks like?  Want to bring “something” to your organization?  beth@bethboynton.com  603-319-8293

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5 Responses to “Medical Improv” Keep Your Eyes On Positive Wave Holding Huge Promise for Healthcare Woes & Thank You Professor Watson @ Feinberg School of Medicine

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  4. It felt life-changing for me, both personally and professionally in all the ways you mentioned, Beth! Thank you for offering such valuable insights and exercises for us….you truly ARE the change you want to see in the (medical) world!

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