A Ripple in Cape Neddick, ME & Big Wave in Chicago, IL-Staying Tuned to “Medical Improv” on the Rise!

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Status post 1 Rock On Medical Improv!week following the first ever Train the Trainer “Medical Improv” using the Professor Watson Curriculum Conference at the Feinberg School of Medicine and the positive energy remains high.

Some details like what we calling it and how do we describe our new training is still emerging, but make no mistake, this is BIG!

I invite my colleagues to share an update about their work via comments and I am pestering some of them for individual blogposts.  (If I haven’t asked you it is only because I think I have and don’t want to bug you!) 😉

Meanwhile, testimonials from “improv for Healthcare Professionals” launched in Cape Neddick, ME last month are coming in!  I’m brainstorming and networking like crazy.  Looking for opportunities to pilot and develop locally and everywhere else!  Curricula for Healthcare Professionals, Hospital-Based Programs, and Continuing Education are all begging to be developed.

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  4. This is so exciting, Beth! I am thrilled beyond words for you. You are onto and into something HUGE!! Have a fabulous time and keep us posted on your progress. WOW, What a wonderful feeling. Best wishes,

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