Nurse Leaders, Here is an Excellent Resource–“Pain Relief for New Managers”

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If you are or are thinking of becoming a manager in today’s fast-paced healthcare world, I highly recommend you check out this brand new resource by certified professional coach and leadership development trainer, Nance Goldstein, PhD, CPC.  Nurse management roles are extremely challenging and yet pivotal to creating safe healthcare systems.  I’ve met Nance on several occasions and her expertise is astute and sincere.  She wants you to be successful and has the wisdom and skill to help!nance goldstein
Here’s a little bit about her new eBook:
Pain Relief for New Managers:  Recover from Painful Problems to Manage Your Staff with Calm Competence and Great Results
It is about 20 pages with 5 quick read chapters and filled with case scenarios, action steps, and clear goals.  I’m betting every Nurse Manager out there will find validating and useful advise in one if not all of the following chapters!
  • Did you know? Most new managers feel unsure, overwhelmed, worried…You don’thave to!
  • Feeling Troubled about Dealing with Difficult Staff? The Best Step Forward Is Surprisingly Simple!
  • Are You Avoiding Conflict? This Creates Bigger Problems Later…One Essential Steptoward Results That Will Delight Your Staff and Help You In your Job
  • Feeling Overwhelmed and Lonely? Delegate More Wisely and Improve Staff  Performance…and Your Own!
  • Eight Essential Steps For A Calm, Competent and Energetic Manager
To get Pain Relief for New Managers, register here and after a quick email confirmation and you’ll be able to down load it.  In the meantime, poke around her website or check out some of the other resources she recommends!  If you’d like to consider more help from her, she offers free initial consultations.  Let me know what you think!
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  1. PAB says:

    Excellent thoughts. Rarely do we recognize the issues

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