What do You Think Could Happen in a Healthcare System where Mutual Respect Runs Rampant?

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doctors jumping

Do you have examples of co-creative problem-solving?  Maybe catching mistakes BEFORE they happen?  Can you envision or have you experienced a culture where staff feel excited coming into work each day?  And gratified, even when tired at the end of the most days?

How would conflicts be managed and what kind of benefits would they offer if respect was everywhere?  How is would this be reflected in patient experience or staff turnover?

I have a grandiose vision that when we (all of us working in healthcare) are getting along respectfully and the work we do is respected (this includes enough resources to do things properly)  that we can have a positive impact on every single issue we face in healthcare. Do you think this is a reasonable premise?  How do you think such issues as safety, patient experience, workplace violence, wasted resources, staff turnover would be affected?

If you have stories to share,  email beth@bethboynton.com.  Publishing examples that accentuate the positive will promote more of the same!

If you are looking for ways to help your staff work together more effectively consider the new experiential teaching strategy called, medical improv! The process is fun and promotes positive human growth and interactions in a safe way. To learn more about how a program can be adapted to your healthcare team, students, or organization: beth@bethboynton.com or 603-204-3509.  Or check out these testimonials to see what other healthcare professionals are saying!

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