The Law of Attraction is Always at Work in Nursing: Use it to Affirm What You Want & Create Healthy, Safe Communities

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Elizabeth Scala

This past summer, in my guest post on the Law of Attraction and how it applies to nursing and patient safety, Beth and I received a LOT of feedback. We thought to ourselves, “Boy, did this post strike a nerve!” And so, this follow up, expanding more on the topic at hand.

Last month I described how crucial our feelings were in transforming our environments. If we want safe environments, respectful communication, and collaborative teamwork what does that feel like? I want to delve deeper into two concepts here today: moving towards what you want and affirming it into existence.

Let me share a quick story first, to highlight the initial concept: moving towards what you want.

I had a friend who was an ER nurse. At first, she loved it: the adrenaline, the busyness, the critical thinking. But overtime she found herself exhausted and ready to move on. She knew she didn’t want to work in the ER anymore and started applying for several jobs.

Well, as time went on she wasn’t getting anywhere. Some applications didn’t result in interviews; others cancelled or didn’t call back. The interviews she did go on didn’t pan out in any real leads. She began to wonder, “What’s going on? What’s wrong with me?”

Here’s the challenge she was facing, the one I see many nurses and even our profession as a whole, struggling against: she wasn’t moving towards what she wanted. She was running away from what she didn’t want.

So she didn’t want to be an ER nurse, but instead of getting clear on what she did want… she just kept focusing on what she didn’t want. I see this from our profession too:

  • We don’t want patients to get hurt;
  • We don’t want nurse-on-nurse bullying;
  • We don’t want heavy ratios, short staffing, or disrespect.

But guess what? If that’s what we focus on; that’s what we get more of!

Every single thing in this world is made of energy: your body, the seat you are sitting on, the car you drive, the trees outside, the thoughts you think, and the emotions you feel. Everything.

Putting thoughts out there on things you don’t want doesn’t help anything at all; it only brings more of what you don’t want into existence. Even worse, when a collective group (profession of nursing) thinks as one… it strengthens the power of those thoughts, strengthening the concept that we don’t want to have happen.

So if you’re understanding what I’m saying to you, you might be thinking: “Well, what can I do about this?!?” Here’s what you can do: affirm what you want into existence.

For awhile I was under the impression that affirmations don’t work. In fact, I was teaching, writing, and speaking to this belief. Well, I’m publically admitting that I was wrong, very wrong.

Affirmations DO work. You are using them all day long. But how are you using them? Are you unconsciously using them to create things that you don’t want? Are you focusing on what you don’t want and thus affirming more of that into your world?

Let me share with you a wonderful way to reframe affirmations so that you can really use them in a powerful, meaningful way to get what you want. Instead of creating a statement that causes doubt or disbelief, offer it up in a way that sounds more welcoming.

  • I choose to attract a safe, supportive, and healthy work environment for myself and patients.
  • I choose to feel capable of communicating effectively and know others see me that way too.
  • I choose to take pride in myself and my profession’s image.

When you choose to affirm what you want out of life, it makes it much more realistic and achievable. You set yourself, your work, and our nursing profession up for success.

Let’s create a nursing collective that is healthy, safe, and energized. Let’s embrace a community of upbeat, like-minded professionals who are moving towards the positive change that they want to see.  –Elizabeth Scala 

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Have a healthy day!


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7 Responses to The Law of Attraction is Always at Work in Nursing: Use it to Affirm What You Want & Create Healthy, Safe Communities

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  2. Thank you Lisa, Beth, and Elizabeth. The intent behind the action is what fuels and guides the outcome. It is truly that simple. I often remind my students that practicing nursing and life at a high vibration of love, kindness, compassion, and joy will draw the same vibration to you. If, in clinical application, there is a colleague who gossips, complains, and is negative, send lovingkindness to her/him, and align yourself with others who align with high vibrations. Eventually, the person who gossips will either ‘get with the program’ and shift to a higher vibration, or will leave the job to re-locate to a unit or another organization that matches their vibration. As you say, it is the law of attraction. And is a life practice. Keep up the good work!

    • Hello Veda,
      You are most welcome. I thank you for taking the time to read, comment, and share!

      I am so glad you remind your students of the love, compassion, and kindness that goes into nursing. Everyone should be taking your courses!!

      Thank you so much for your insights, share, and supportive feedback. I appreciate it very much.

      Enjoy your health today,

  3. Lisa says:

    Dear Ms. Scala,
    I just want to say how much I enjoyed reading your post. Many of us have experienced this process of focusing on the whats wrong and what we dislike instead of focusing our energies on what we really want.
    Its all about learning new habits and changing the way we think about things…..reframing thoughts and ideas is so important!
    If we think it, it can happen! so lets focus on the +

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for reading and enjoying the post! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

      I actually did several talks this week- one for the PA Holistic Nursing chapter and the other for the Maryland Nurse Association Annual Convention.

      I had the nurses doing exercises on using techniques just like this- focusing on our wants, what’s working, what’s going well. It was interesting to see just how challenging shifting into that mindset was.

      Nothing wrong with that as it is totally normal. Many of us are brought up and trained to find problems and fix them. Sort of a cultural shift that we need to open up to- focus on the good.

      Thanks so much for your thoughts! Enjoy your health today,

  4. Beth,
    You are quite welcome! Thank you for allowing me to write for you and your beautiful blog.

    You’re choice to practice appreciation for your work is absolutely perfect. The J-O-B can get tough, but when we look for all of the good in the role… we get so much more back in return.

    Enjoy the stepping stone; I’m so glad we are on this journey together!


  5. Elizabeth, thank you so much for this inspiring and helpful post. I’m headed into work shortly in a chronically understaffed unit…I take deep breath BEFORE going in and let in a gratefulness for the many opportunities I have in nursing, (writing, speaking, coaching, many moments of privilege with patients, families and colleagues to be of service as well as learn important lessons in taking care of myself). I know I’ll do my best to provide safe care, ask for help, set limits, and be open to material and change. I’m not running away from it, but it is a stepping stone.

What are your thoughts?