“Accepting failure is not an option!” Measuring Costs & Finding Solutions for Patient Safety

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Our colleague and expert on Root Cause Analysis, (RCA) Bob Latino, CEO of Reliability Center, Inc. quoted above is gearing up for an exciting workshop in October.

“In today’s ever changing healthcare environment, one thing is certain…accepting failure is not an option — particularly as it relates to Patient Safety! We’ve always been plagued by the “failures of the day” but today those failures play an even more significant role in our decision-making process.In the past, since we have usually found an effective work around, and these failures tend to do no patient harm, we relegate them to the ‘cost of doing business’.”

In this workshop he will be talking about:

  • How to quantify the annual costs of these chronic failures
  • Demonstrate how they cost our hospitals millions of dollars a year.
  • Creating a system that keeps your organization from repeatedly falling into the same trap.

He will also discuss how these chronic failures are built into the budget. Learn how simple blood redraws in a hospital ED were found to cost the organization over $3,000,000/year! 

Measuring the Costs of Chronic Failures, and Finding Solutions: Apply Risk Cost Analysis Proactively Bob Latino
October 15, 2013
9am – 3pm
Chester, Virginia

Join Robert J. Latino – CEO of Reliability Center, Inc. an internationally known speaker and advocate for Patient Safety.

Learn More & Register Today

He looks forward to meeting you!

Bob Latino
CEO, Reliability Center, Inc.

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