How Did Surgeon Kenneth Cohn Become a Leader in Collaborative Healthcare?

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Collaborating with physician leaders like Dr. Kenneth Cohn, MD, MBA is an exciting opportunity to be the change that we envision!  We are looking forward to sharing our dynamic webinar “Medical Improvisation for Harried Healthcare Professionals” with you on 11/12/13.
In the meantime, here is little bit more of Dr. Cohn aka Ken’s professional journey.
ken cohn1.  What led you to becoming a physician specialist in collaboration?
Serendipity, more than any other factor.  Once I began working in physician-hospital relations consulting, I found my passion. It helped that Duane Dauner, President of the CA Hospital Association, heard me present, said, “This is the best work I’ve seen at any community hospital,” and introduced me to Tom Dolan, then President of the American College of Healthcare Executives.
Tom invited me to teach a 2-day seminar, Practical Strategies for Engaging Physicians, 10 years ago, which led to invitations to edit/ write 3 books, Better Communication for Better Care, Collaborate for Succcess!, and Getting It Done I feel blessed to have such wonderful mentors, which had made me want to help others.
2.  How did you get interested in Medical Improvisation?
Serendipity, again.  It seemed that most of my insights came from unscripted conversations.
I enjoyed the training I received in Improv from classes in my MBA program at the Tuck School, exercises in a coaching program with Kelly O’Neil, a performance by the Second City traveling company in MA, and Beth Boynton’s workshop, “Improv for Healthcare Professionals” where I was the only physician. The knowledge is a benefit that we can all use.
3.  What are some highlights of your work in collaborative healthcare?
It gives me great pleasure to see people who are stuck depersonalize their differences and reconnect with what attracted them to careers in healthcare, the desire to make a difference in patients’ and families’ lives. Some times, it takes an outside facilitator who can help them see that differences in roles, goals, and expectations can build their organization, that thesis-antithesis can lead to a transformative synthesis, to paraphrase the German philosopher Hegel.  I have worked in 43 states and believe that although healthcare is local, we all benefit from establishing a community in which it is safe to reflect and learn from one another.
4.  What are some benefits and challenges that doctors and nurses face in collaborating?
Reconnecting with the why and not letting differences re: how interfere with providing outstanding, cost-effective patient care.
5.  Can you give us a ‘sneak peak’ re: our upcoming webinar:  “Medical Improvisation for Harried Healthcare Professionals”?
Participants will learn 8 ways to avoid amygdala hijack as well as seeing us demonstrate the “Yes/ and” Med Improv technique.  For anyone who has ever had second thoughts about an interaction with a colleague, this webinar will provide you with field-tested improvement techniques.  Register HERE

Ken is a practicing general surgeon/ MBA and CEO of Healthcare Collaboration, who worksken cohn with organizations to engage disgruntled doctors to improve clinical and financial performance. To learn more about what he does, please visit Healthcare Collaboration. 

Dr Kenneth Cohn  978-834-6089




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7 Responses to How Did Surgeon Kenneth Cohn Become a Leader in Collaborative Healthcare?

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  7. Great post, Beth!
    I love how both of his responses in ‘how did you get started with…’ were because of serendipitous experiences. This is so telling! The more we listen to our hearts and our inner knowing; the more we are on our true (and right) path. Thank you for brining this to our attention!

    Your collaborative work sounds wonderful and the webinar is going to be awesome! I am very excited for you as you continue to pioneer through safe and wonderful healthcare


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