‘Confident Voices in Healthcare’ Blog Listed as Excellent Resource for Doctors of Nursing Practice!

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DNPThank you to all the Guest Bloggers and Readers who have helped make “Confident Voices in Healthcare” a visible, visionary, educational, and sometimes provocative resource for Doctors of Nursing Practice and many other stakeholders!

Check out this Ultimate DNP Resource!

The following leaders have posted here and are all positive voices for SAFER, KINDER, COST EFFECTIVE CARE!

Elizabeth Scala, Pat Iyer, Keith Carlson, Anne Sands, Renee Thompson, Stephanie Frederick, Marilynn Carter, Jim Murphy, Katherine Mayfield, Steve Carter, Jane Heron, Anne Llewellyn, Peggy Berry, Doug HallDonna Jacques TemmGinger BisplinghoffMelanieBowen, Marty JacobsPeter Smith MBA, June Fabre, Dev Raheja!

What an honor to be in such great company as:

American Association of Nurse Practitioners

The Joint Commission

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Forum for Shared Governance

American College of Physicians Clinical Recommendations

Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow

Beth B And many other wonderful organizations!  This is definitely a list I will keep handy and know there lots to learn and share!

(One quick correction, I’m not an NP, my Masters is in Organization and Management! 🙂

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2 Responses to ‘Confident Voices in Healthcare’ Blog Listed as Excellent Resource for Doctors of Nursing Practice!

  1. Thanks, Elizabeth! A great signpost for me to go with a flow of positive energy!

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations to you!!!! Way to go Beth, you totally deserve this. I am so happy for you. Great work,

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