The Healthcare Gods Must Be Crazy! A Little Ranting @ Communication, Patient Safety, & Lack of Progress

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bb headshot 2nd city T 10-13 CherationsI’m going to apologize for ranting right now.  I am sorry! But, yesterday I got two emails in my news feeds that made me squirm in my chair!  One was a piece about a Johns Hopkins’ Study about rude doctors and the other was from the Institute of Safe Medication Practices and focused unresolved disrespectful behavior in healthcare.  Both of these studies are recent!


What makes me squirm is the idea that:

A)  This stuff is considered news!

B)  We continue to focus resources on proving what we already know!

C)  It is so challenging to sell/promote new and different ideas that will help!

There seems to be a lot of fuming about a fire while a few of us are pointing to the water!


The ‘Out-of-the-Box’ concept of teaching ‘medical improv’ to healthcare professionals to help solve stubborn problems, like patient safety, patient experience, and job satisfaction is like a beacon in the night!

Here are a few resources for anyone interested in exploring it. And thanks for letting me rant!

100 min YouTube

Medical Improv: Exploring Learning Experiences that Promote Safe Care, Patient Satisfaction, & Rewarding Careers

Testimonials from 5/13 Workshop Pilot in Cape Neddick, ME

Medical Improv

A Ripple in Cape Neddick, ME and a Wave in Chicago:Medical Improv On the Rise (Note Professor Katie Watson’s work at NWUFSM)

11/12 Webinar with Surgeon Ken Cohn

Medical Improvisation for Harried Healthcare Professionals

Related youtube using improv to teach:Interruption Awareness:A Nursing Minute for Patient Safety

“Perspective: Serious Play: Teaching Medical Skills With Improvisational Theater Techniques”, Professor Katie Watson, JD, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Academic Medicine, Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges, October 2011 – Volume 86 – Issue 10 – pp 1260-1265


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2 Responses to The Healthcare Gods Must Be Crazy! A Little Ranting @ Communication, Patient Safety, & Lack of Progress

  1. You’re so right Beth. Bad behavior isn’t new news! However, I do think that healthcare organizations are started to pay more attention to the impact of bad behavior now that their reimbursement is at stake. That’s a good thing!!

    Glad there are people like us out there trying to help organizations create professional work environments!!


    • Thanks, Renee. More focus is good, for sure. In my my deepest idealist way, I wish it was because it is the right thing to do! Nevertheless, It is exciting to be raising awareness and teaching individuals and organizations how to create professional work environments along with you! Beth

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