Robert Fuller on Rankism & the March on Dignity! Let’s Bring it On in Healthcare!

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Robert Fuller, the soft-spoken former President of Oberlin College and author of “Somebodies and Nobodies: Overcoming the Abuse of Rank” offers a moving talk on what “rankism” is and why we need to be against it in order to fight for dignity.  It is about 20 min and posted below.  In the video, he states “…The dignity movement is against humiliation.  It is against talking down to people.  It is against games of oneupmanship…it is against rankism” He goes on to define ‘rankism in ways that will resonate with many nurses, patients, medical students, and others.  It is insidious in healthcare.

This is a cause that healthcare leaders, professionals, paraprofessionals, and patient advocates can work on together.  A march on dignity in healthcare!

  • Care will be safer.
  • Patient’s will feel cared for and about.
  • Work will be more rewarding.

Confident Voices in Healthcare FOR Dignity Against Rankism! 

T-Shirt  or coffee cup anyone?  Share this post and youtube link!  Talk it up and as Dr. Fuller suggests, “…make rankism uncool”!

“We’ve got nothing to loose but shame”–Robert Fuller

BTW, there are lots of status activities in medical improv that can be used to raise awareness and promote discussion about rankism and dignity in healthcare practice settings.



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