Could Focus on EQ in Hospitals Be a Door for Integrating Medical Improv Programs?

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Last Spring,  Bryan Warren, Manager, Healthcare Solutions, Select International wrote an important article in Hospital Review called, Healthcare Emotional Intelligence:  Its Role in Patient Outcomes and Organizational Success.   In the article, Warren states, “Patient-centered care is not just about new care delivery models. It is, to a large degree, about relationships and interactions between providers and patients and among administrators, physicians, nurses and staff. With this realization, healthcare is exploring how we can apply the concept of Emotional Intelligence.”

He goes on to discuss the importance of EQ and a behavioral construct that measures related capacities with respect to patient-centered care.  A couple of great examples are offered and he concludes, “The most successful patient-centered care training programs will combine service excellence principles with behavioral assessments that provide staff with useful insight into their own behavioral make-up —including healthcare- specific emotional intelligence.”

This is where Medical Improv comes in!  Medical Improv builds positive relationships among staff at same time they are developing self awareness, assertiveness, listening, critical thinking, and many more ‘People Skills’ all of which are part of the EQ continuum.  Improv activities can be framed in a healthcare context to build all of these important capacities and this is exactly what we need to get at the underlying dynamics that plague many systems and account for the lack of progress in safety outcomes.

This is key if we are to achieve effective collaboration among healthcare professionals, and thus

Beth Boynton, RN, MS

provide safe, quality care, optimal patient experience, and job satisfaction, leaders and staff must be able to give and receive constructive feedback, think on their feet, and demonstrate significant emotional intelligence.   I’ve learned and continue to learn how to speak up and how to trust others and myself in this rich and fun process.
What are other Healthcare Professionals saying about Medical Improv?

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