Nurse Listens to Student, Jumps on Patient, Saves Life, & Becomes Fearless: All in 5 Minute Moth Radio Spot!

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LydiaVelez_profile-165x115Healthcare professionals and consumers will be inspired by Nurse Lydia Velez as she tells her story of responding to an emergency.  It may be a little gory for anyone sensitive to blood and guts, but try taking a deep breath and listening in.

  • Is nursing complex work?
  • Is listening important?
  • Should students be practicing assertiveness?

YOU BET!  And the more consumers, administrators, and all healthcare professionals understand this the more effective we’ll be in advocating for resources to ensure time, staff, etc needed to support the work.

Go to Moth Radio, Click Listen and highlight Lydia Velez-Fearless!

Thanks Lydia, for listening, acting, celebrating, and sharing your story!

And thanks, Amanda for speaking up!


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