Award-winning Nurse/Actress/Filmmaker: “Hello, my name is Florence Nightingale. Give me two minutes…”

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Check out this video blog “Motivation to Change” where she plays the role of Florence Nightengale and answers a question from the audience, ““Ms. Nightingale, why did you leave your life as an aristocrat and work so hard to change the healthcare system in Great Britain?”

Candace “Candy” Campbell is one of the “Art of Nursing” Faculty (
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) you can meet virtually this May!

Candy Campbell is a true multi-talent! Her many titles include award-winning actress/filmmaker and teacher of both improv and presentation skills. She began her nursing career in Psychiatry, working with Vietnam Vets at the VA Hospital in Southern California. That experience led to research about the moral distress of medical personnel working in a war zone and eventually became both a film script and novel called Walking Point.

Candace has written children’s books, including My Mom Is a Nurse and I Was a Preemie, and created three one-woman CC-297x300shows: Whatever Happened To My Paradigm?, Full Frontal Nursing, and Florence Nightingale- Live!, all of which received rave reviews.

Watch this video of Candace portraying Florence Nightingale in a Keynote Address.

Candace is a dynamic addition to the Speaker Team for “The Art of Nursing”  Learn more about how you and your organization can be part of this exciting virtual even and hear what Candace has to say! 

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