Adrianne Haslet-Davis Proves “Boston Strong” as MIT Center for Extreme Bionics Replaces Leg & Gets Her Back on the Dance Floor! Watch….

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This is an inspiring video that culminates in a dance. A dance by a Boston marathon bomb victim who is a victim no more!Screenshot 2014-03-29 13.31.43

She is Adriane Haslet-Davis dancing with a bionic leg made by MIT Media Lab, (dancing with her best friend’s regular dance partner, Christian Lightner).  A compelling story about human spirit, amazing technology,  triumph over terrorism, and the very best of USA healthcare!

3.5 Seconds/200 /days:  Watch this 19 minute Ted Tx and see how long it stays with you!


Thanks Huge Herr for thinking about what is possible on your drive home and taking bionic steps to make it happen. His talk is a testimony to the human spirit and speaks to a message I hear from Nurse Leader, Elizabeth Scala over and over that calls upon us to “Ask what do we want?“. Creativity, technology, and compassion that leads us to absolute best healthcare, including extreme bionics, for everyone! The “Art of Nursing” program will help us to tap into this ‘we-can-do-it’ of energy!

Art of Nursing 2.0

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