Why you cannot complain about them any longer-Managing 20Somethings! Part I by Nance Goldstein-Working Wisely Group

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1-e1356136663956Welcome to Part I of this exclusive Confident Voices series that captures key points from How to make your 20somethings happier… So you all pull together by Brandies Resident Scholar and Leadership Coach, Nance Goldstein, PhD, ACC.   This special report from the Working Wisely Group includes research on what 20something clinicians want from working in healthcare and what makes them ready to quit!  The guide also offers tips for managers on how to engage them so they truly work for your unit and your patients.

Part I:  Why you cannot complain about your 20Somthings any longer! 

Twentysomethings. Do you immediately visualize a young clinician in the hospital hallway texting? His nose deep in his 120px-Texting_Emojismartphone…

Frustration, misunderstanding and conflict between 20somethings and Boomers run rampant in our hospitals. The heat and unpleasantness between generations is more than a serious problem. Because of timing, it jeopardizes our hospitals’ ability to serve today’s level of patients.

  • Ten thousand Boomers now turn 65 every day and this continues for the next 18 years. They’ll likely retire soon after.  More than half of all nurses plan to retire by 2020.
  • There aren’t enough younger clinicians to do their work! And our hospitals lose the people with experience who can train them.
  • Add to that that a staggering share of 20somethings wants to quit. Young clinicians are deeply disappointed, discouraged and very stressed. They see exciting opportunities elsewhere, so why put up with long hours, inflexibility and tension?

This predicts an unprecedented perfect storm of shortages and hospital strains. How will hospitals maintain safe patient care with extreme chronic understaffing? How will hospitals make the crucial improvements essential to create higher quality and lower priced care? Quality improvement projects demand time away from the patients.

Everyone will benefit if 20somethings stay. Yet the heat, wasted time, and compromised quality from sour clinical relationships have not triggered much action.

If you’re managing Millenials, your job will become easier if they are happier. It’s also likely to help the rest of your staff feel more energetic about getting up and going to work.

So what do 20somethings want? How can you work with your young clinicians better so they want to stay?

Next installments coming soon:

–  What do 20somethings want?!

Feel like one foot is in the canoe while the other is still on the dock?

Managers step into a very difficult role, usually without training or support. They often feel uncertain, overwhelmed, isolated or stressed, so fail to lead their staff productively. Nance is a certified leadership coach and trainer, as well as healthcare scholar. Her clients use their strengths and take simple steps to gain powerful results with their teams. Ask her your questions or tell her your story at www.WorkingWIselyGroup.com (see Contact Me) or 617.784.5280.

Nance Goldstein, PhD, ACC

Working Wisely Group

Resident Scholar, Brandeis University WSRC

Nance.goldstein@post.harvard.edu  617.784.5280

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  2. Elizabeth Scala says:

    Guess what? The 20 something year-old nurses are far from the only ones with their noses in the phone. I ride a shuttle two-and-from work. I am typically the ONLY one on the bus looking out the window. Just saying… Looking forward to the upcoming posts in the series. :- ) I bet many concepts from nursing from within can apply to this theme. Enjoy the day.

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