Don’t Miss Anesthesiologist’s Popular Short Film “On the Nature of Hotness” An Open, Honest, Edgy & Fun Perspective on Sexuality

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nature of hotnessRich Snyder, MD’s film “On the Nature of Hotness”  has had a great run on the film festival circuit.  Until a couple of weeks ago, it could only be seen at film festivals.  You can now view it at IndieFlix , a wonderful company that makes films seen at film festivals available on your computer or Roku box.   You’ll have  a free month trial and need to commit to $5/mo to watch it. You can cancel any time and it looks like there is a wealth of creative education and entertainment on this site.  If you are interested, search for the film under LBGT or by name at IndieFlix!

Three Reasons Why I love this Ten Minute Film

  1. It is fun to watch and provocative in the most gentlest of ways that an honest film exploring sexuality could be.  How do men gauge attraction? How limiting are the words commonly used versus a much longer and more refined list of descriptives available to wine connoisseurs?  Not only did he write the screenplay, he also stars in it and takes viewers on a quick journey through his adolescence and later-in-life coming of age story.
  2. Dr. Richard Snyder makes no apologies for being gay.  As a medical professional he role models total self acceptance.  This combination makes for a very strong statement of “I’m OK and so are you!”.  A great gift to all of us!  The film’s focus is on gauging attraction between gay men, but doesn’t end there.  I found that his ultimate message confirming of something I’ve always felt about looking into another person’s eyes and an infinite potential for love that may or may not have sexual implications.
  3. He makes a great point early on in the film about the world needing an update on matters of love and sex! Bravo and Brava for this message!

Thanks Rich for creating this fun, helpful, and provocative movie!  Let us know what you think here and/or review the film at Indieflix!


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