“Labor Pains” by Rita Batchley, RN-Much More than Just a Great Summer Read!

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I had a lot of fun reading “Labor Pains:  The Birth Stories of Nurse O’Neill” while visiting my mother and brother in FL last week and am delighted to review it for you here!

Lead character, Labor and Delivery nurse, Paige O’Neill is a memorable heroine and one many nurses will connect with.  The fictional story centers around her family and work at the the newly acquired mega for-profit, Mercy-Corp.

“No one stands a chance when the object of the game is greed.  The day Mercy General was bought out by Mercy-Corp, compassion went out the window to make room for more profit”

The author uses lots of dialogue along with medical/nursing detail that brought me back to my L and D clinical rotation quite a few years ago!  There are two main reasons why I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Labor Pains“.

First, it is very entertaining.  Batchley’s writing engages the reader with twists and turns from the first chapter right through to the very end.  Nurses and students especially will enjoy the birthing stories while connecting with Paige around a variety of personal and professional trials and tribulations.  I won’t spoil it for you with details, but am pretty sure the politics of ‘for-profit’ healthcare, professionals’ relationships among doctors and nurses, and the personal life of this dedicated, experienced, and skilled nurse will resonate with many colleagues from all specialties.

Second, the author’s ability to use fiction to illustrate how skilled assessments and interventions of seasoned nurses make huge differences in patient experience and clinical outcomes is fantastic!  I have high praise for this because I believe it is imperative that nurses, doctors, administrators, and consumers gain insight into the value and complexity of RN work.  And all too often it is illusive or invisible.  Batchley’s ability to make “it” visible is a gift to the profession and healthcare.

6cf096_c94ea69d0df7fc1cb4b776b135b204e9.jpg_srz_p_319_319_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Well done Rita Batchley!

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