Do you know about this Organization- “Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine”?

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Paul_Gross_-_110[1]Under the ‘About Us’ section, Editor in Chief, Dr. Paul Gross writes  “Pulse arose out of a belief that our stories and poems can make a difference. They can heal our hurts; they can teach our students to be more compassionate; and they can reveal the truths that need to be told if our healthcare system is ever to right itself. They can bring us together–patients, nurses, doctors, everyone–to share our experiences and achieve a goal we all believe in: better health care for all.”

Most of us on the front lines of our USA healthcare system, whether provider or patient, will appreciate the story he tells about the family health center he used to work for and the day a new registration process was implemented to accommodate insurance companies, but doctors and nurses were not told. And how that same day they had a fire drill and had to evacuate all patients that had waited and waited and waited to get in.  And then were required to take a quiz involving an annoying fire extinguisher question!


A very affirming and fun to read history of the organization.   But that is only the beginning.  There is a whole treasure chest of first-person stories and poems about giving or receiving health care and every Friday an original piece is published.  (Email registration is free and easy!)

So far I’ve been moved by:

  • Bernadine Han’s poem, “We Were Both New that Day“.  Currently a psychiatrist,  she shares  her brief experience with a patient in ICU.
  • Ray Bingham, a former NICU nurse captures a staffing dilemma in his poem, “The Lone Nurse Lament“.
  • Brenda shares her traumatic side effects following aggressive surgery after her hysterectomy and in retrospect how astounded she remains about her surgeon, “Dr. Robert’s profound lack of curiosity about his interventions’ potential impact on my daily life” in  Collateral Damage.

For me, this organization represents hope for our healthcare system.  Hope that we can shift priorities to focus on care, that we can eliminate the “Us” and “Them” mindset between healthcare professionals and consumers and silo mentality among healthcare professionals, and a reminder that there are many compassionate people who are sharing stories and listening to each other.

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