“Interruption Awareness”-Grassroots Nursing YouTube Breaks 10,000 Views!

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Carla Murphy, RN participating in 'Overload'!

Carla Murphy, RN Participating in “Overload”

It’s been about 2.5 years since releasing the “Interruption Awareness” video!  Amazing what a small group of people can accomplish!

  • Quieter work-zones!
  • More awareness of limits & limit-setting!
  • More awareness about nurses’ need to concentrate!

If you haven’t seen this youtube, “Interruption Awareness: A Nursing Minute for Patient Safety”, please consider setting aside 12 min to watch and share with your colleagues in healthcare.  Whether you are a consumer or healthcare professional, I guarantee you will have a better understanding of how mistakes happen.  You will also gain an appreciation for the work nurses do and the need to minimize unnecessary interruptions.

Here are a few organizations who are using it for educational purposes!   (Permission is easy, just email me and ask:  beth@bethboynton.com).

  • DePaul University School of Nursing-Leadership class
  • Moffitt Cancer Center’s Nursing Clinical Practice Council
  • Virtua Memorial Surgical Services-staff training
  • Center for Clinical Excellence-FB Posting

Big thanks to Luke Boston who filmed the event,  Cheryl Greenfield who helped produce it, and Honore LaFlamme who provided us space at Jubilation Studio with a free Zumba class! Five nurses and 2 nursing students came and agreed to be filmed. Cindy Brown, June Fabre, Eric Martin, Carla Murphy, Colleen Poirier, Anne Sands, and Nancy Sherrill!  My son, Curran Russell wrote the music and in the infamous ‘nursing minute’ there are voices from many of my colleagues, Kathy Guthrie, Hazel Hollenbeck, Renee Pontbriand, Raisy Roderick-Tabile. I think you all ROCK!


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