The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology! A Much Needed and Very Helpful Resource!

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Nurses need a book that helps explain social media, electronic medical records, smartphones and lots more.  In this easy to read and engaging resource author, nurse and informatics expert, Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN makes a compelling case for taking the time to understand technology, using it to our advantage (and our patients), not being afraid of it, and ultimately ensuring that it supports the care we provide.

The author sets the tone for this blend of the art and science of nursing early on:

Brittney Wilson We have to stop treating technology as an invader within our little world of nursing care. We have to stop pretending that computers and mobile devices are somehow are going to replace us at the bedside.  They can make a million and one robots, electronic ICUs, automated and reliable computerized decision support tools, but they will not come close to replacing the value of one highly skilled and experienced nurse.  And no computer can come close to capturing the essence of nursing:  caring. 

Technology is definitely here to stay and the more nurses are adept in using it, the more potential they will have to positively impact the course of it’s development and application.  It is an introductory first edition that covers a wide range of topics that nurses and other healthcare professionals interface with.  It is filled with tips, encouragement, additional resources and clear explanations for topics like:  Using Google Chrome and all of Google’s Apps, Tablets, Macs vs. PCs (Brittney is a PC advocate whereas I prefer my Mac!), and a lot more!

Wilson’s guide is fun to read and she appreciates the many challenges we face. I suspect this will be the first of many editions and already know it is a super resource.  Also, lots of helpful info at Brittney’s Blog: The Nerdy Nurse!

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