Going Beyond Burnout to a Life Lived Well

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By Cynthia Howard, RN, CNC, PhD,

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a nurse who so much wanted to live a full and complete life.   When she graduated Nursing School, she was so excited and went to work every day with a ready and able attitude – ready to save the world.  Slowly, every day, she came home less enthused, more tired and increasingly cynical about being able to change anything except the tires on her car.

One day, she realized she had come to the Point of No Return. She had lost her zeal and passion for nursing. She simply did not care and often felt angry for wasting her life.   At the Point of No Return, the lighthouse had gone out, nothing new was coming to shore and no one could leave. She was isolated. No one could hear her cries or see her pain – without any way to go back, she could not see how she could feel good again. She felt numb and hopeless and thought there was no way to get back to the Promised Land where her hopes and dreams were last seen.

Feeling lonely and at her wits end she also knew that to stay at the Point of No Return she would die.  One day out of nowhere a blimp flew across the sky dragging a banner:

Resilience 2014: Beyond Burnout for an Exceptional Life. Sept 27 2014 Ocean City MD

SunshineWhat??? A way out??? The nurse decided this was her chance. She could meet other nurses and hear from people who had made their way back from the Point of No Return. Maybe she could learn just how to have an exceptionally good life…

Resilience 2014 offers attendees the chance to laugh, learn and grow in this transformative event;  4 powerful speakers all sharing real strategies to go beyond overwhelm and the stress reaction to activate resilience.

Burnout and chronic stress has a way of changing perspective. In this fun and inspiring day, attendees will learn how the SECRET to mastering stress, how to use their mind and energy field to shift out of the negativity and angst. They will learn to use their bodies and their breath to release tension.  The event is experiential, fun and will change your life.

All of the speakers are going to share the how and the what engaging right and left brain, your mind, body, heart and soul for a truly captivating experience.

The nurse’s eyes and heart are now wide open and she has left the Point of No Return. Not wanting to go back to the way she was, she is enjoying the thought of redefining the Promised Land. In fact she likes the idea of being her own contractor in each daily adventure of life, she is going to nurture her passion, her spirit and soul every day and make each day the Promised Land.

Resilience 2014 is being held Ocean City MD. Early bird tickets are available. Visit www.workplaylivewell.com/resilience2014 for details.

cynthia howardContact Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD, Resilience Expert, Master Coach and Founder of the Live Well Community Network. drh@vibrantradianthealth.com

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3 Responses to Going Beyond Burnout to a Life Lived Well

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  2. Melissa AuClair says:

    Burnout is death by a thousand strokes; many times we don’t see “the event” that caused the burnout. It happened one small step at a time. I just wrote a book on burnout; I’m so happy to see other nurses talking about burnout and how we can combat it!

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