The “Unstuck Nurse” Has Resources to Help with Burnout!

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I believe that nurses who are working to take care of themselves and help other nurses to do so are doing very important work in the big scheme of healthcare safety and quality.  So, when I melissa auclairread about Melissa Auclair,  RNs new digital book, Cure Burnout: The Nurses Action Guide to Moving from Overwhelm to Energized, I wanted to know more about her work and help her!  (This is my part in a growing WAVE of nurses helping each other that I find compelling personally and professionally!)

If you watch her intro video you’ll feel how genuine she is.  I was quickly convinced that she “gets” the stress of providing care at the bedside.  I can tell b/c she provides a lot of info in 54 seconds!  It isn’t slick, but she is real!

cure burnoutI was going to review her book, but haven’t had time and instead will simply introduce you to some resources she is offering and encourage you to check them out.

  • Cure Burnout: The Nurses Action Guide to Moving from Overwhelm to Energized is Melissa’s “..- letter of hope to nurses who need a boost of encouragement + practical steps to move out from burnout and back into life as a nurse who is happy to be a RN!”  It is going to be free on Amazon from August 17th to August 21st.  (But hey, why not be part of the WAVE and buy it for only $3.99?).
  • Coming soon….Find Your Fit & Prevent Burnout: 7 Jobs for RN’s Outside of Bedside Nursing-is an ebook gift you can get by joining her email list.

Also, when I emailed Melissa about her work, one of the first things she asked me, was, “How can I help you?”, I was moved to publish something sooner rather than later.  Learn more at The Unstuck Nurse!

waveHonestly, the collective power, expertise, and caring that is a vast potential of nursing, will be accessed as nurses become more collaborative and healthy!  And the rippling effects for patients will be immeasurable!



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2 Responses to The “Unstuck Nurse” Has Resources to Help with Burnout!

  1. Melissa AuClair says:

    Thank you for featuring The Unstuck Nurse on your blog Beth! I appreciate your generosity and enthusiasm- your words made me smile! Burnout is a topic near and dear to my heart- I’ve seen too many nurses and friends suffer under it and not get the help they needed. Thank you for helping me spread the word.

    • Beth_Boynton_RN_MS says:

      You are so welcome, Melissa. I enjoyed learning about your work and wish you great success in helping other nurses! Nurses are really smart and compassionate people and all too often we are not supported as respected professionals or in the work we do. An important puzzle piece to turning that around lies in our own self care and respecting each other. Take care!

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