Introducing Confident Voices in Healthcare Youtubes!

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andrew lopezI want to thank Andrew Lopez of for giving me the fantastic idea to translate some of the educational blogposts at Confident Voices in Healthcare Blog into short Youtubes.  (Talk about collaboration!)

They are short (2-3 min) and hopefully engaging educational bursts!  All about communication and collaboration in healthcare!  If it was easy we’d be doing it already, right?

Anyways, from idea to reality, here are the first three:

Introducing Blog Video-bites from Confident Voices in Healthcare 

5 Reasons Why “venting” isn’t a great idea! 

Why a “No Innocent Bystanders” rule is important for creating “Safe” cultures. 

Let me know what you think.  (If you like them, please share and if have BB closer Headshot 1-13 Cherationssuggestions for improvement or ideas for use, let me know:!)  Thanks a lot!


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