Peter Block and Collaborative Health Care Broadcast

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2peter_john_thAbundant Community is offering a free one half hour online conversation with Block, McKnight and guest Jackie Reed, founder and former president and CEO of Chicago’s Westside Health Authority (WHA) on September 9 at 1:00 PM EST on health as a neighborhood issue. It will explain and explore the WHA concept of health as a social and environmental product.  The event will be archived for listening or downloading by those not available at that timeslot.

Peter Block has been a profound and seminal thinker in organizational development. His books The Empowered Manager, Flawless Consulting and Stewardship have a major impact on management thinkin2interviewsg and practice and can provide insight and stimulation to anyone no matter their role in life.

His subsequent works –  The Answer to How is Yes, Community: The Structure of Belonging, and The Abundant Community: Awakening the Power of Families and Neighborhoods – extended these idea to society and philosophy. The third of these was co-authored with by John McKnight, Co-Director of the Asset-Based Development Community Development Institute and Professor Emeritus of Communications Studies and Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University.  He and Peter have an important blog, Abundant Community, for those concerned about organizational and social reform, including, education, government and healthcare.

jim murphy Jim Murphy has a solo consulting practice called Management 3000, focusing on organizational development and change management. Formerly he led the Massachusetts Bay Organizational Development Learning Group, was Human Resources Director for the City of Boston Assessing Department, and served as a consultant with the Boston Management Consortium.  His consulting practice includes management coaching as well as research and writing on employee relationships, leadership, healthcare and collaborative practices.  Having produced newsletters for several organizations  and being a frequent content writer for the”Confident Voices in Healthcare” blog, he is interested in writing and research opportunities, as well as consulting and coaching.

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