Great example of horizontal violence online and how I’ll address it- Not OK, Nurse C. Not OK!

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This nurse, at least represented as such, watched my new 3 min video 5 reasons why I think “venting” is a bad Idea  and shared the below comment via twitter.    I think his/her language and “tone” demonstrate horizontal violence.
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@november17 @BethBoynton This the stupidest thing I have ever watched. I am dumber having watched this video. Go back to your office.”

As a proponent for a No Innocent Bystanders rule for supporting Zero tolerance I feel it is important to speak up about it publicly.  So it becomes a teaching moment, not necessarily for this nurse, but anyone else who is watching.
hand signal stop signWhile I welcome constructive feedback, Nurse C, these remarks are not ok!
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4 Responses to Great example of horizontal violence online and how I’ll address it- Not OK, Nurse C. Not OK!

  1. Donna Carol Maheady says:

    Are you kidding?!!! So mean spirited. Remember the lessons we were taught as kids…if you can’t say something nice (or constructive)…keep your mouth shut!

  2. Renee Thompson says:

    Oh my Beth. I’ve seen these types of responses before and even though I spend the majority of my time teaching others how to eliminate bullying and unprofessional behavior, I’m still SHOCKED by them. Even if she had those thoughts – she should have kept them as thoughts (inside voice versus outside voice). So sorry you had to read something like that Beth. You are a good person who is trying to do good things.

    • Beth_Boynton_RN_MS says:

      Thanks, so much for your support, Renee. I was stunned too. I felt like with your teaching and mine, I had to speak up and say something, you know? So mean spirited. I have to wonder if maybe something in the video hit a nerve for this nurse and I wish her or him a safe growing opportunity. In any case ‘not tolerating’ it seems like an important step. Thank you for all you do to make healthcare safer and kinder. Hugs back, Beth

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