“My patients persuaded me to pursue my musical career!” Exclusive CV Interview with nurse/singer ROXANNA!

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[CV] Tell us about your nursing career? 

[Roxanna] I always wanted to be a nurse and the people in my life including my family persuaded me to do so. I received my RN degree from Seneca College in Toronto. I then worked as a nurse at a hospital in Toronto. I loved my job as a nurse because I loved healing people and seeing how much I could affect another person’s life.

[CV] How did you go from being a nurse to being a singer?

[Roxanna] I also ​always wanted to be a singer my entire life and I was persuaded to go forward with my career from the encouragement both my family and patients gave me. After seeing how much I helped my patients I knew that I could help others.

[CV] Tell us about your career in music?

[Roxanna] In my younger days I used music to calm myself as an escape. Later I attended Winston College where I focused on music classes and joined the ​choir. After attending nursing school and becoming a nurse it was my patients who told me to pursue my music career. Now two years later I have just realized my new album Exotica, which includes 12 romantic tracks. These songs tell actual stories; for example “Here with Me” is based on a poetry book that father gave me while “Beautiful Rose” is in honor of my mother who has passed away. The album also includes two covers made popular by Julio Iglesias.

[CV] What do you think about arts and healing in general?

I believe that it is not just medicine ​that ​heals one. From experience I see that art can really help someone who is need. Both my music and lyrics do so.

[CV] Do you have any advice for nurses who are seeking to change their careers?  

[Roxanna] Many times you feel underpaid but just remember you’re​ helping others out, you can even be saving a life​!​ Don’t ever back away if there is something you want to do, do it. If you are not happy with something change it. Lastly,​ care for patients the way you would want to be treated.

[CV]  Share a story about how you’ve used music in healing.Close Your Eyes

[Roxanna] I’ll never forget the patient who was suffering from dementia, who was no longer swallowing. After singing to her I noticed a smile on her face and my singing was able to actually get her to start eating. Seeing the power my music had on others I knew I could help more than just patients.

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    That is awesome! I am so glad you took the risk!

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