I’ve never had a conversation with a senior leader that felt so honest and heartfelt!

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BB closer Headshot 1-13 CherationsWe are working so hard to provide safe and compassionate nursing care to all of our patients and sometimes it feels like we are working in systems that don’t support the highly skilled and loving care we are capable of giving and want to provide.  Many of us, including myself, experience frustrations and worry.

Yet, I am hopeful about nursing and healthcare.120px-Bolingbrook1

Recently, I had an amazing conversation with Lynn McVey who is CEO/COO of a hospital. We were preparing Webinar Revealing Flaws in Care Coordination:  a CEO’s Undercover Experience-. (Live event is over, but the webinar and associated CEU is available through 9/30/2015)

I’ve never had a conversation with a senior leader that felt so honest and heartfelt! We talked about tough stuff like safety, staffing, and workplace violence.  We also shared our ideas about solutions!  (Lynn talks about our webinar in this Hospital Impact Blogpost)

In fact, Tessa Turner, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing for AHC Media sat in on our run-through conversation while facilitating the Webex Video system (yes, you get to see us too!) and shared this feedback with her colleagues at AHC Media:

After sitting in on Beth and Lynn’s webinar run-through I could not be more excited for the live event.  This webinar is providing an incredible opportunity for healthcare professionals, regardless of position, to share ideas and learn about alternative perspectives. It’s a ground-floor effort to start making changes at the individual level, break down siloes and discover solutions, together!

Lynn and I have different expertise and our ideas are slanted from our own perspectives yet we both seek to make healthcare safer for patients and providers.  We don’t have all the answers, but our discussion holds process value as an engaging and respectful dialogue that will inspire you to think, discuss, and problem-solve with your senior leaders.  I hope you will check out this pilot project launch of a new kind of webinar that combines content and conversation in a public and educational forum sponsored by AHC Media.

Together we can co-create safer care for all of us.

Take care, beth



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