‘Confident Voices in Healthcare’ Blog Listed in Top 45 by Concorde Career Colleges

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BB closer Headshot 1-13 CherationsIt is an honor to be a resource for nursing and allied healthcare students and I’m excited to share this news!  I just received an email from Concorde Career Colleges announcing that “Confident Voices in Healthcare has been chosen as one of the top nursing blogs!”  (The list is fantastic and includes nursing expertise from specialties such as oncology, emergency nursing, bullying, and much much more!)

Jim Murphy’s recent piece “A Technological Future for Medicine?  What’s Our Intention” received special mention in the email.**    Also, cited in the listing are recent articles re:  being proud to be a nurse, flaws in care coordination, and lots about the importance of communication in patient safety! Oh, and here’s are a couple that might be especially interesting to students (And BTW I’m always interested in guestbloggers including faculty and students!  Write to me if you have an idea-beth@bethboynton.com):

Professor & Nurse Leadership Students at New Mexico State University: Video Assignment Leads to Awesome Conflict and Collaboration Learning!

Nurse Listens to Student, Jumps on Patient, Saves Life, & Becomes Fearless: All in 5 Minute Moth Radio Spot!

Thank you Concorde Career Colleges for choosing Confident Voices in Healthcare Blog as a resourcenurse aide team for your students, faculty, and alumni!  With campuses all over the USA and over 20 programs that focus on providing educational and vocational training for many of the fastest growing career fields in healthcare, we’ll be sure to get some new readers!  (and bloggers?).

jim murphy**Jim Murphy is a semi-retired organizational development consultant and if you put his name in this blog’s search box you’ll find lots of great articles about creating ideal healthcare organizations, patient experience, and more!

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