Teams of Nurses Can Use “Confident Voices” (the Book!) to Create Healthy Workplace Cultures-Bulk Rates Too!

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Nurses have the capacity to create healthy workplace cultures! 'Confident Voices' for your Team! Click To Tweet

Nurses are smart, educated, professionals and have the capacity to create healthy workplace cultures and provide safe, quality care.   Yet sometimes toxic cultures and communication challenges present obstacles that can seem insurmountable in day-to-day high stakes high stress practice settings.  ConfideConfident Voices: The Nurses' Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive Workplacesnt Voices: The Nurses’ Guide: to Improving Communication and Creating Positive Workplaces by Beth Boynton, RN, MS Edited by Bonnie Kerrick, RN, BSN is a resource that will help your team identify problems and give them the tools to address them in a professional manner.  

'Confident Voices' book bulk rates save up to 65 %! Help nurses shift out of toxic behaviors & cultures! Click To Tweet
  • Excellent patient experience!
  • Elimination of workplace violence!
  • Dynamic and rewarding teamwork!

Regularly priced:  $28.95 -bulk rates save up to 65 %!

  • 10-20 books @ $19.95 each
  • 21-50 books @ $14.95 each
  • Over 50 books @ $9.95 each

These prices (plus shipping) are only available directly from!

Book Review by Kathleen Ashton, PHD, ARPN, BC

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4 Responses to Teams of Nurses Can Use “Confident Voices” (the Book!) to Create Healthy Workplace Cultures-Bulk Rates Too!

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  2. Beth,

    These bulk rates make your book an absolute STEAL!
    I think it should be part of the course material for all nursing students. Communication is one of the weakest areas for most new nurses and this would give them an edge.

    • Beth_Boynton_RN_MS says:

      Thanks, Brittney. Buying my book for a unit of nurses, or staff in an organization is the most affordable culture change method out there!

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