What If We Worked at the Speed of Safety? Like the Mechanics at Two Brothers Garage?

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This morning, on my way to my Zumba class, I was having some trouble getting up the icy incline.  I got out of my car to assess the situation and thought, “Hmmmmm, maybe I’ll change this flat tire instead”!  Once done, I called my favorite ‘automotive specialists’ at Two Brothers Garage in Portsmouth, NH and the office manager, Cliff said, “Sure, bring the tire in, we’ll take a look at it”.  Shortly later, I was at the garage and the owner/mechanic Bryan Gilman, was working on some auto part while standing at the counter in the office.  He greeted me, but continued his focus on his work.  Another car owner was there and Cliff and I chatted a bit, but Bryan continued to concentrate on what he was doing. It seemed like there was only one thing on his mind, fixing the part.

Bryan Gilman

Bryan Gilman

This isn’t an ad for Two Brothers Garage, although it could be because my experience over the years is consistently the most cost-effective and safest solution to what ever is going on with my car.  There is a big sign in the office that says:

“In order to be successful we have to sell our goods at a profit.  If we satisfy our customers but fail to make a profit, we will soon be out of business.  If we make a profit without satisfying customers, we will soon be out of business.  The secret to doing both lies in the one word, SERVICE!  Service means doing something so valuable for the customer that they are glad to pay a price that allows us to make a profit”

I’ve seen them be busy, but never rushing and wondered how this mindset or approach could help us in healthcare.  What if we worked at a pace that allowed us to do everything as safely as possible?  Not the ‘speed of business’, the speed of safety!  After my tire was fixed, another mechanic, Dustin brought my car out, but then remembered he wanted to check the air in another of my tires and proceeded to do that.  Bryan has created an impressive culture where providing safe service is the priority!

I think the mindfulness and breathing and yoga such as experts Elizabeth Scala and Annette Tersigni teach us about as well as raising awareness about interruptions and more organizational efforts that address toxic cultures, communication training,  and workload management.

BB closer Headshot 1-13 CherationsDo you ever wonder what might happen if we could all slow down just a little bit?

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