Healthcare and the Minimum Wage-In the News with Jim Murphy!

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The Massachusetts Nurses Association, the SEIU Committee of Interns and Residents, and the National Council for Occupational Health and Safety are among the organizations sponsoring a Boston rally on April 14 for a $15 an hour minimum wage.  The event is sponsored by #WageAction.

Many healthcare workers receive good pay, but many do not. In a recently published book, Unequal Time, authors Dan Clawson and Naomi Gerstel , sociologists at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst,  find that healthcare may be “going the way of fast food,” with poor compensation, unstable schedules and repressive management.

Economists have often noted that raising the minimum wage often spurs organizations to improve productivity.  There is also evidence that an increase in the minimum wage would improve public health.

Your thoughts?

jim murphyJim Murphy has a solo consulting practice called Management 3000, focusing on organizational development and change management. Being semi-retired, Jim is willing to provide very reasonably priced consulting, coaching or  project work for organizations aspiring to improvement in organizational culture, effectiveness and employee engagement.

Formerly he led the Massachusetts Bay Organizational Development Learning Group, was Human Resources Director for the City of Boston Assessing Department, and served as a consultant with the Boston Management Consortium.  His consulting practice includes management coaching as well as research and writing on employee relationships, leadership, healthcare and collaborative practices.  Having produced newsletters for several organizations  and being a frequent content writer for the”Confident Voices in Healthcare” blog, he is interested in writing and research opportunities, as we all consulting and coaching.

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One Response to Healthcare and the Minimum Wage-In the News with Jim Murphy!

  1. Beth Boynton, RN, MS says:

    Thanks, Jim. The rally in Boston looks interesting. Any Confident Voices readers going? Happy to publish a report! It’s all about what we value! I always wonder why truck drivers make more money than school bus drivers! Some of the people that provide extremely important care for patients in hospitals, long term care, and at home do some of the most difficult work in the world! This post helps to highlight that:
    “Treasure Our Nursing Assistants!”

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