Nurses and Stress-We’re Touching a Nerve!

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Rebecca Swinson’s recent blogpost, RN states “No Regrets” after reporting concerns about patient safety, even though…. broke all sorts of records on this blog! (I’m sorry to say that she requested I take down her post and so the link is no longer active.)  Over 11,000 views in two days!   Another popular post that has resonated with many nurses and resurfaces periodically is Nurse Overload: The risks to Employee and Patient that Doug Hall and I co-authored a couple of years ago.  And let’s not forget the infamous “Interruption Awareness” Youtube which is fast approaching 12,000 views and used in many facilities and educational settings to demonstrate how stress affects us.

stressed womanStress is part of nursing, there is no getting around it.  Yet having healthy responses, individually and organizationally can make a big difference in patient safety, career satisfaction, workplace culture, and much more. How do you cope with stress?

Here’s what nurse leaders had to say (including me)!  Ten Experts Weigh-in: How to deal with on-the-job stress?


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