DC’s Book on Fibromyalgia is a Comprehensive & Helpful Resource

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41J-diQUtAL._AA160_If I had Fibromyalgia aka Fibro or treated people who do, I’d want to have this book!  Why?  Because it is a guide that is filled with resources and the tone is positive and compassionate.

Fibromyalgia:  New Science-Real Hope by Dr. Robert J. Langone, DC is well researched, well-formatted, and well-written.  But more than that it the author emphasizes both hope and the importance of collaboration between patients and healthcare professionals.  The author is a National Board Certified chiropractic physician with postgraduate studies at the Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Langone starts out with a letter from a patient that describes her experience with Fibro and in doing so creates a patient-centered mindset.  From here the book is broken down into what the author describes as five insights:

  • In Perspective:  Fibro 101
  • Platform for Recovery
  • Pertinent and Personal
  • Awareness and Covert Challenges
  • Vision, Choice and Action

It is over 400 pages, explains the science and emotional components involved, including traditional medical interventions and new science and treatment options.  It includes an extensive bibliography and note to physicians.  Since I don’t have Fibro (thankfully) I’m only scanning this book.  But it is the kind of resource I would use to empower myself to cope with and manage the challenges and seek my best health.



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