Two Women Creating a Huge Ripple of Hope

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p.evans.picva-2Patricia Evans, speaks and writes about verbal abuse and she writes about it well.

The Verbally Abusive Relationship “A groundbreaking book.” – Newsweek.  

Her discussion of the two kinds of power we have in relationship, (power with and power over) are brilliant and although this book’s focus is on significant/other relationships, there are major take-homes for us in healthcare.   It helped me to understand how verbal abuse and controlling behavior (i.e. power over others) is confusing and intimidating.  Like an “Aha moment” once you see it in an interpersonal relationship you see it everywhere.  I think it is systemic in our species and that as heady as this may sound, believe that shifting out of this dynamic (to having power with others) is on the cutting edge of human evolution.   From horizontal and vertical violence to collaborative and empowering relationships in no small shift in healthcare or society at large.

Patricia is one woman who has and continues to create a huge ripple of hope.  Who is the other?  I don’t know her name, but she is from Saudi Arabia and Evan’s describes as her “soul sister” in a recent email announcement:

“I am delighted to share this exciting news. Before this year is out, “The Verbally Abusive Relationship” and “Controlling People” will be released in the Arabic language in Saudi Arabia. At this moment, the publisher has completed the translations, and my Beta Reader is reviewing one.

This came about through the efforts of One Woman, who, fluent in English and Arabic, began teaching small groups of women in Dubai from the two books. She then contacted me about publishing. I contacted my publisher (who holds all foreign language rights) and got the Arabic language rights released to me. This One Woman connected me to an Arabic Publisher and eventually I negotiated a contract. She is my Beta Read6a7218ef-567d-47e5-b6ba-f076368b91eder. She understands my work. She is my soul sister in the Mid-East.”
Just think how powerful an international edition of this work will be! Thanks Patricia Evans to you and your Soul Sister in Saudi Arabia!
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