Promoting Nursing Careers with a ‘Let’s Get Real First’ Infographic!

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Now mind you, I’m not an advocate for ‘cheap’ nursing education, but I am an advocate for raising awareness about the truth about nursing.  This infographic is a great visual about the physical and emotional toll that working as a nurse can take!  Who needs to know?  The more the better!  Please share “Is your nursing job killing you?”!

  • Healthcare leaders
  • Consumers
  • Allied Healthcare professionals
  • Physicians

I think the truth is essential for creating healthy workplaces so that nurses can provide safe care and sustain rewarding careers!

Nursing Stress


Another really interesting resource is the National Patient Safety Foundation’s round table report:  Through the Eyes of the Workplace.

As nurse researcher, Patricia Ebright, PhD, CNS, RN, FAAN says in this youtube, “A commitment to understanding and appreciating the complexity of RN work is needed to guide the more substantive and sustained improvements required to achieve patient safety and quality”.

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