3 Ways to Improve Medicare! In Support of Single Payer Health Insurance

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imagesI think Single Payer Health Insurance (aka Medicare for ALL) is the most socially conscious, cost-effective, and morally responsible way to go!

Medicare, one of our nation’s most valuable and popular social programs, turns 50 on July 30. Medicare is a federal health insurance program enacted and signed into law in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson. A handy fact sheet on Medicare is available from the Kaiser Family Foundation here; a much lengthier KFF report on the program (March 2015) is available here.

Here’s A talking point (or 3) to celebrate Medicare’s upcoming 50th Anniversary!

Medicare (and Medicaid) are the victims of skyrocketing health costs, not the cause. In the short term, the financial integrity of Medicare could be improved by such things as:

(1) an upturn in the general economy, which in the past has generated greater tax receipts for the program

(2) supplementary federal appropriations from general tax revenues

(3) a congressional tweaking of the payroll tax by a tiny fraction of a percentage point to sustain the program for even longer (the last across-the-board adjustment was in 1985, when the rate was increased to 1.45 percent from 1.30 percent).

Read more talking points here or absorb this one and stay tuned to Confident Voices in Healthcare for more bite-sized learning!

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