The Ideal Help Wanted Ad for Nurses

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I noticed an ad in Sunday’s newspaper for RNs that included a sign-on bonus of $5,000!  I remember when these were popular in the late 80s and 90s and suspect this is a sign that the economy is improving, but also one that nurses are leaving the bedside.  The former is good news, the latter is not!  Especially if they are leaving because of chronic problems involving lack of staffing, burnout, or toxic cultures.  Our seasoned nurses have so much knowledge, experience, and wisdom to share.

Money is often a great incentive, but not necessarily the only or best way to attract and keep nurse talent. So, I wondered, what would I like to see included in an ideal RN Job Posting?

  • We staff for patient safety, healthy workplaces, and rewarding careers!
  • We listen to our nurses!
  • We know you’ll work hard when you are here and we support a positive work-life balance for our staff!
  • We want you to stay enthusiastic about your career choice and the lifelong learning it requires and will help you achieve these goals!

WOW!  Working as a nurse could be an amazing experience at this place!

What would you add?



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2 Responses to The Ideal Help Wanted Ad for Nurses

  1. Elizabeth Scala says:

    We’re looking for nurses who are committed to their own care so that they can role-model these behaviors for patients. We hire nurses who have a clear vision, passion, and dedication to their work. We want you if you enjoy your nursing career AND your non-nursing activities. We want to help you be your best self!

    • Beth_Boynton_RN_MS says:

      Excellent addition, Elizabeth! This is such an important focus and you wrote it up wonderfully. Thank you!

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