‘No Innocent Bystanders’ is Important Online Too!

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A recent article by Michael Accad, MD called “Were losing the war on error and here’s why” sparked some interesting discussion and what I would call some hostile comments.  I shared my perspective on the discussion as well as a comment about the hostile remarks.  A little while later there was a reply to my comment and the tone was, in my opinion, obnoxious.  I thought things like:

  • Great example of why nurses stop talking.
  • Why would I want to engage with this reader?
  • I shouldn’t let this kind of energy shut me down.
  • If I don’t say something, I (and same goes for anybody watching who doesn’t speak up) I/we give the message that it is ok.
  • We’ll never have safe cultures if this kind of behavior is tolerated.

Today, I responded and took a stand about the tone in public (see comments).  I feel a little anxious taking this step yet did so because I believe we need to stand up to this kind of behavior whether F2F or online.    But you know, respecting ourselves and each other is so critical for optimal teamwork, patient safety and job satisfaction.  I’d love to hear your feedback.  And it is fine to disagree, but please be respectful! 🙂

What’s exciting, is that now we are having a dialogue!  Stay tuned!

Here’s more about ‘No Innocent Bystanders‘.




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