The Nurse Keith Show-Career Podcasts for Nurses & Other Professsionals

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Take your healthcare career to the next level!

That is the mantra at the The Nurse Keith Show!

The Nurse keith carlsonKeith Show offers up-to-date career advice for 21st century nurses who want to be at the top of their game when it comes to their nursing career management and development. Join expert holistic career coach Keith Carlson as he explores salient aspects of creating the most satisfying nursing career possible!

Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC has a great new site for nurses who want to learn how to sustain exciting and fulfilling careers.  Co-founder of the groundbreaking RN.FM radio, Nurse Keith is a well-respected Nurse Coach whose expertise and desire to help nurses be successful is palpable!

I just listened to the episode about “LinkedIn” and found it very helpful!  I took some notes and plan to work on my LI profile soon.  I heard through the grave-vine that Elizabeth Scala, RN, MSN/MSN, creator of the “Art of Nursing” virtual education programs will be joining him for some podcasts and I bet they’ll explore dynamic and helpful topics!

Other progressive topics include:

  • Ten Tips for Interview Success
  • Creating Your Optimal Nurse Career
  • Don’t Close the Tech Door on Your Nursing Career
  • Digging Deep into Self-Care

There are many more at the Nurse Keith Show site!  (or as an alternative to iTunes try this link) And many more to come.  I hope to join Keith and Elizabeth with a talk about Medical Improv later this summer!  Stay tuned!




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One Response to The Nurse Keith Show-Career Podcasts for Nurses & Other Professsionals

  1. nursekeith says:

    Beth, thank you for such a wonderful review of “The Nurse Keith Show”! That is so kind. And yes, we now have 19 episodes, with 3 or 4 added every month–and it’s all about nurses’ careers!

    As for the wonderful Elizabeth Scala, she is a new permanent cohost on my other podcast, RNFM Radio, which I co-founded with Kevin Ross. We are now a nursing trifecta on RNFM Radio, and you will be our guest on that show, not “The Nurse Keith Show”, which is just little old me.

    Thanks again, and I welcome your readers to visit RNFMRadio,com, as well as The Nurse Keith Show via the links that you provided.


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